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(Deutsch) lani

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(Deutsch) lea


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portfolio book 2016

This article is really only makes sense in german, as it is mainly a product test for a Germany based print provider. But I wanted to make it possible for you to have a small glimpse at my 2016 portfolio book.

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(Deutsch) alles muss raus… bücher und magazin sale

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

I am Gian Luigi Carminati, I repair cameras

Enjoy this short film by David Drills about Gian Luigi Carminati who runs a camera repair shop in Milano.

Look at his face when he says “playing is beautiful”. Maybe then you understand a little more why I simply love taking photos with old analog cameras.


The analog is always fascinating, because we all want the surprise.
With digital, there is no surprise left, you know immediately if it’s good or not.

more with lea

For now almost one year Lea and me have been working together. A very fruitful collaboration, through which some of my most favorite exposures have been done this year.

lea's dream

Graflex Speed Graphic + Fuji FP-100C Negativ

So what makes the working with Lea so special? mehr →

Pentax 645z, mmmhhhhhh!

A few weeks ago (which is now almost half a year ago, that was when I started this article ;) ) I had the chance to try out something really special. Digital Mediumformat. Special at least for my budget over here, and well I shoot 99% analog for my free projects or artsy stuff anyway. Thanks to Simone Betz of ROVA Design and Lukha I got the chance to snap a few shots with the Pentax 645z. I’m an avid Pentax 67 user and lover, so I had a little doubts if she would forgive me cheating on her. Well actually the doubts vaporized into meaningless once I took a peek through the viewfinder. Holly cow!

I was in the studio with Lea Sophie anyway, so I snapped a few portraits with her.

_by-Marc von Martial-forphotoblog-4

I’m not going to write a detailed review about the Pentax 645z. Just a few things that pop my mind. mehr →

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